Since the very beginning, Bell & Ross has used aviation’s iconic features in the design of its watches. Bruno Belamich therefore spends a great number of his working hours studying jets, fighters and bombers. However, this mechanics, style and performance enthusiast also loves to burn rubber on the roads. This year, Bell & Ross is presenting computer-generated images of the AeroGT, an extreme grand sport car project.

The AeroGT is a super car inspired by aviation. With this creation, Bell & Ross is keeping in touch with its aeronautic roots. Extremely low (1.10 m) and aerodynamic, the 4.7 meterlong car seems to split the air like an arrow. Its pointed forms with sharp angles and cutting overhangs are reminiscent of some stealth aeroplanes. All it needs to take off is a pair of wings.

The BR 03 AeroGT watch is directly inspired by the AeroGT concept car. Admittedly, the automotive and watchmaking industries share a lot of similarities. Both domains are concerned with motors and performance as well as time and precision. They both function using gears, escapements, screws and cams. There is also a very old tradition of making watches for car drivers, mainly chronographs intended for professional track drivers. It therefore seemed only natural to combine the two with the AeroGT concept car and the BR 03 AeroGT watches.

Their open-worked dials are formed from layers to give them an intriguing impression of depth. Meanwhile, the skeletonized mechanism of these BR 03 AeroGT watches has been designed to allow a glimpse through the movement while making them lighter. This reduction work can also be seen in racing cars. For these watches, the aim was to highlight the sophistication and beauty of the watch motor. The AeroGT concept car also allows its mechanics to be admired, which are housed under a smoked glass window.