Arnold & Son welcomes top chef Jason Atherton aboard as brand ambassador

Jason Atherton is a renowned English chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur. Since the opening of his flagship restaurant ‘Pollen Street Social’ in April 2011 in Mayfair, Jason has taken the dining scene by storm and launched fourteen additional restaurants across the globe, three of which are Michelin starred.

Haute horlogerie and haute cuisine both share the unending quest for perfection and refinement. They do not simply strive to satisfy a basic need but they fulfil their goal with upmost elegance and an incredible love for details. Ultimately, the goal of both disciplines is to excite the senses for the sake of pleasure.

Jason has chosen the iconic Time Pyramid from the Instrument Collection as his watch. It perfectly symbolizes the link between past and present, between heritage and modern creativity. The Time Pyramid encapsulates the historical DNA of the brand while remaining singular and utterly unique. It is in this aspect that it embodies haute cuisine as conceived and exercised by Jason.