Always unique, always different!

“There is a quote which perfectly illustrates our ongoing desire to push watchmaking, materials, and fusion to the limit. A conviction that nothing is impossible. In the words of Charlie Chaplin: “Let us strive for the impossible. The great achievements throughout history have been the conquest of what seemed the impossible”. Today, with the world’s first vibrantly colored ceramic, Hublot has once again demonstrated that the impossible really is possible!”

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

This time Hublot used its innovative approach in ceramics and produced the Big Bang Unico Red Magic! For this first colored ceramic, Hublot has chosen a vivid red, which symbolises power, passion and glory. The Big Bang Unico Red Magic is undoubtedly an ultra-resilient ceramic watch full of fire. The Hublot R&D department and Metallurgy & Materials laboratory have succeeded in inventing a magic formula that allows the creation of vibrantly colored ceramics. This has previously not been done in industries using technical and aesthetic ceramics. In total, it took Hublot four years to master this discovery and develop it from initial idea to its industrialisations. The invention is 100% Hublot and the expertise has been patented. Hublot continues to make strides in the research into materials. This newly developed ceramic is incredibly dense, boasting a hardness of 1500 HVI compared to 1200 HV2 of conventional ceramics. This results in an extremely resilient material. With just 500 pieces released, its 45 mm case and bezel are made from Hublot’s patented red ceramic, boasting a polished finish. This theme encompasses the entire watch, matched with a lined structured red rubber strap.